What i’ve learned about Empowerment Technology for the first semester.

It’s been 4 months since i took the subject Empowerment Technology for the 1st semester and i must admit that our teacher for this subject is quite strict but i know it’s for own sake to have that kind of attitude for us (Mam Phin, if you’re reading this we’re so lucky to have you as our teacher because most of the time words of wisdom always came from you.)

What i’ve learned is all about this topics:

  • I learned how to create blogs.
  • I learned how to make home page, web pages and such as websites.
  • I learned how to use basic photoshop tools.
  • How to differentiate Media, Blogging, Social Media and so on.
  • Get to know other apps on how to use or get a specific purpose.
  • How to create a Concept Paper with regards to the ICT Tools.
  • Terminologies on the computer
  • Make a survey
  • How to use Powerpoint, Excel and Word.
  • And most importantly you thought us on how to be a better person with you words of wisdom 😊

Thank you Mam Phin for everything! ❤️💋


“3 Beautiful places in philippines”



Bohol is a province of the Philippines, in the country’s Central Visayas region. It comprises Bohol Island and numerous smaller surrounding islands. Bohol is known for coral reefs and unusual geological formations, notably the Chocolate Hills. On the main island, near the town of Carmen, these 1,200 or so symmetrical mounds turn cocoa-brown in the dry season, contrasting with the surrounding jungle’s greenery.
Because of the beautiful view of bohol because it is immersed by people and here they are traveling and spending time looking at the very nice sunset.

2. Huma Island, Palawan

Want to take a break from the crowded cities and places to visit in the Philippines? Then, spend a luxurious getaway at the Human Island Resort – a heavenly refuge full of indulgence and adventure. Majestically cradled in the stunning turquoise waters of Palawan, this one-of-a-kind Maldivian-like resort beckons weary people who are longing for a tropical escape and a personalized zen-like experience of exploration and discovery. Blending world-class facilities and cushy accommodations with mouthwatering dishes and fun-filled adventures, this remote island certainly has an array of treats in store for its guests.

Travel Plan Coordinator: Coretta Marston
Get access to all of Coretta’s inside secrets for your trip!
Palawan Adventure: My El Nido And Puerto Princesa
El Nido is every bit a tropical paradise, luring tourists with its crystal-clear lagoons, white-sand beaches, towering limestone cliffs, rich coral gardens and laid-back lifestyle. Want to see and experience all that this Palawan oasis



3. Camiguin

Camiguin, aptly labeled as the “Island Born of Fire”, is a fascinating island-province brimming with volcanoes like Mount Uhay, Mount Hibok-Hibok, Mount Vulcan and Mount Mambajao. As a matter of fact, Camiguin holds the record for the island with most number of volcanoes for every square kilometer in the world. But, make no mistake about it – there is more to this small Philippine province than its volcanic riches.

After all, it is a secluded destination that boasts a plethora of natural wonders, including refreshing waterfalls, cold and hot springs, and an untouched sand bar. Plus, it has plenty of other intriguing attractions to offer to its visitors as well, including the infamous sunken cemetery, well-preserved ancestral homes and centuries-old churches. And, did we mention that it is the host to the Lansones festival.

Marinduque Paradise



I cant breathe, I feel numb and I didnt realize that my tears starts to flow down to my face. I cant believe that finally I reached the Marinduque, one of the beautiful places that located in the Philippines.

Since its my first time riding in what they called “Roro Boat” I was really nervous at that time because there are lot of thoughts came up with my mind. I remembered that my mother told me because I was very nervous that just pray to God and ask guidance for the safe trip. After I prayed I think its quite effective because Im not that really nervous.

The part that I’ve been waiting for, after 5 hours of travelling from Cavite and its now to Marinduque, it was really breathe taking after seeing the view because it wa really perfect. The water is very crystal clear. The residents living here…

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Romblon Food Trip: 8 Local Dishes You Should Try!


Sarsa is a local dish found only in Romblon.

The dish is made out of small shrimps caught in streams, mixed with young coconut and chili. It is then wrapped in coconut leaves, giving it that local touch. You eat the dish paired with rice.

Best to buy early in the morning before it runs out. It can be found in their local carinderia and wet markets.


2. Taghilaw

Taghilaw is pork meat and intestines cooked in vinegar sauce. A dish similar in preparation to “dinuguan” but minus the blood.


3. Gayabon

Gayabon, is Romblon’s version of Laing. But what makes it different is that they use fresh gabi cooked until the leaves are mashed into a pasty texture. It is very chunky and is not spicy like the Bikolano version.


4. Sihi Shell

Sihi, a local edible shellfish. One cannot normally eat by sucking it out of its shell, but instead, with an aid of a pin, you slowly pick the meat out.

When fishermen aren’t able to get a good catch of fish for the day, they would often resort to looking for these shells by the shore.

Often cooked in coconut milk, you can find them in carinderias in Looc Town.


5. Inaslum

Inaslum is a healthy vegetable soup that makes use of any available fresh vegetable in season. It is not sour like what the name suggests, but actually very bland. Good for those who are health conscious and for seniors.


6. Longganisa, Tocino, Tapa

Odiongan is known for its preserved meats like the longganisa, tapa, and tocino that can last outside the fridge up to 5 days.



Romblon’s longganisa would probably be the sweetest one we’ve tasted so far. It’s made using quality pork cuts with only sugar, garlic, asuete as its preserving agents.


7. Locally made peanut butter

Romblon makes a good blend of peanut butter spread. We liked that the oil doesn’t separate from the mixture.


8. Freshly Caught Seafood

Whether its shrimp, squid, or fish, you’ll never go wrong ordering something from the sea.




Sibale Island

The official name of this island is Concepcion, Romblon. Although it is in closer proximity to Mindoro than the main island of Romblon. It has a land area of about 2,330 hectares. The terrain is mountainous with plains along the shores. The major means of transportation in the island are bicycles and motorcycles. But majority prefers to do stuff on foot. Electricity is not available for 24 hours and the major source of living of the people here is fishing,some grow root crops. This small “U” shaped island is about 2 hours away (in good weather condition) from Pinamalayan Oriental Mindoro by motorized boat.

How to get there:
From Manila
Manila to Batangas by BUS- P175
Batangas to Mindoro either by Supercat- P400 or roro-P 170
Calapan to Pinamalayan by Van P100
TOTAL: P675 (Supercat)/ P445 (Roro)
*Prices were rounded off and for adult rate.
-If you take the first trip of Ceres to Caticlan (around 3 am) you will reach Caticlan port around 8 to 9 am, and the trip to Roxas, Mindoro (RORO) is at 10 am.The travel to Mindoro takes around 4-5 hours. From there it will take another hour to reach Pinamalayan. The earliest that you can arrive in Pinamalayan is at 3pm.

-Overnight stay in Pinamalayan is required because the Motorized boat leaves Pinamalayan around 9-10 am.

-The travel time to Sibale Island takes around 1-2 hours in good weather condition.

Each of the 9 barangays(villages) has its own beach cove and white sand beach with lush forests, clear water, and breathtaking views all around. We stayed at Won Dive Resort in the southern part of the island, which is just a few minutes away from the town proper. Upon arrival, I immediately took a dip in the beach because it was just so irresistible. The water was warm and very clear and I enjoyed the coral formations and the colorful fishes swimming with me.


Borcay Island, Philippines ✈️🏝

Boracay Island is one of my favorite destinations so far. I have so many memories treasured in this place and it is so precious as expected. There’s a lot of activities that people may offer to you such as: Island hopping, Jetski, Scuba Diving and many more.

Some would say that the white and fine sand beaches are the crowning jewel of this place and I have to say that I agree to the fullest. I mean almost every other travel blogs about Boracay specifies this point, and now that I’ve experienced it, I’ll have to say that they are absolutely true.

The fruits there were so fresh they can give it to you right after they get it from the tree and if you go island hopping, people there can also offer you fresh coconut juice or what they call it “buko juice”. They will serve it to you so fresh and people are only riding on the surf board to serve you 🍹

And last i can tell you how beautiful the sunset in boracay is, if you saw the sunset for around 5:30 in the afternoon please don’t hesitate to get your camera and take a picture of it, It was so mesmerizing watching the sun saying goodbye peacefully.

And now this is where my story ends, that is how beautiful the island of boracay is. Put it now on your bucket list and i must say that this is the place where you can enjoy and relax your life. 😎🏝❤️